$24 an hour target jobs: A comprehensive guide to high-paying roles

In today’s competitive job market, finding a well-paying job is crucial. With $24 an hour target jobs, individuals can secure a comfortable living and pursue their career aspirations. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of these high-paying roles, covering everything from industry sectors to salary negotiation strategies.

From healthcare to technology, various industries offer positions that pay $24 per hour or more. These roles often require specific skills, qualifications, and experience, but they also provide ample opportunities for career growth and financial stability.

Industry Sectors with $24 an Hour Target Jobs

 an hour target jobs

Numerous industries offer job roles that target a salary of $24 per hour. These industries span various sectors, providing ample opportunities for individuals seeking financial stability and career growth.

The following list highlights some of the key industries with $24 an hour target jobs:


  • Registered Nurse: $27.45 per hour
  • Licensed Practical Nurse: $24.94 per hour
  • Medical Assistant: $17.55 per hour


  • Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher: $25.91 per hour
  • Secondary School Teacher: $28.38 per hour
  • Special Education Teacher: $29.04 per hour


  • Electrician: $26.87 per hour
  • Plumber: $26.47 per hour
  • Carpenter: $24.98 per hour


  • Production Supervisor: $24.57 per hour
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic: $25.37 per hour
  • Welder: $24.33 per hour

Information Technology

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator: $27.88 per hour
  • Computer Support Specialist: $24.91 per hour
  • Database Administrator: $28.39 per hour

Transportation and Logistics

  • Truck Driver: $25.63 per hour
  • Bus Driver: $24.53 per hour
  • Warehouse Manager: $24.79 per hour


  • Sales Manager: $25.52 per hour
  • Retail Store Manager: $24.65 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative: $17.84 per hour

Job Roles and Responsibilities

Individuals earning $24 per hour typically hold positions that require specialized skills, knowledge, and experience. These roles often involve a blend of technical proficiency and interpersonal abilities.

Common job roles associated with $24 an hour target salaries include:

Registered Nurses (RNs)

  • Provide direct patient care, including assessing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses and injuries.
  • Administer medications, monitor vital signs, and perform wound care.
  • Collaborate with physicians, other healthcare professionals, and patients’ families.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

  • Provide basic nursing care under the supervision of RNs and physicians.
  • Take vital signs, assist with bathing and dressing, and administer medications.
  • Monitor patients’ conditions and report any changes to RNs or physicians.

Medical Assistants

  • Perform administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, answering phones, and maintaining medical records.
  • Assist physicians and nurses with patient care, such as taking vital signs, preparing patients for exams, and assisting with minor procedures.
  • May also perform laboratory tests and dispense medications.

Pharmacy Technicians

  • Dispense medications to patients under the supervision of a pharmacist.
  • Prepare and label medications, maintain inventory, and process insurance claims.
  • May also provide customer service and assist with patient counseling.

Dental Hygienists

  • Clean teeth, remove plaque and tartar, and apply fluoride treatments.
  • Take X-rays, examine patients’ mouths, and screen for oral diseases.
  • Educate patients on proper oral hygiene and preventive care.

Computer Network Support Specialists

  • Install, configure, and maintain computer networks and systems.
  • Troubleshoot network problems, provide technical support, and perform network security audits.
  • May also design and implement network solutions.

Web Developers

  • Design, develop, and maintain websites and web applications.
  • Use programming languages and web development tools to create user-friendly and functional websites.
  • May also be responsible for website content management and optimization.

Software Engineers

  • Design, develop, and test software applications.
  • Use programming languages and software development tools to create efficient and reliable software.
  • May also be involved in software maintenance and support.

Sales Representatives

  • Sell products or services to businesses or individuals.
  • Identify potential customers, develop sales strategies, and negotiate contracts.
  • May also provide customer service and support.

Customer Service Representatives

  • Provide customer service via phone, email, or chat.
  • Answer customer inquiries, resolve complaints, and process orders.
  • May also provide technical support or sales assistance.

Educational Requirements and Certifications

Landing a $24-an-hour target job often requires specific educational qualifications and certifications. Higher education and specialized training play a crucial role in boosting earning potential.

Relevant degrees for these positions include:

  • Bachelor’s degrees in fields such as business, healthcare, engineering, and technology
  • Associate’s degrees in technical fields like computer science, nursing, and construction

Certifications can further enhance job prospects and earning power. Some industry-recognized certifications include:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • CompTIA A+ for IT professionals
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

Experience and Skills

The level of experience and skills required for $24 an hour target jobs varies depending on the specific role and industry. However, most employers prefer candidates with at least 2-3 years of relevant work experience in the field.

Internships and volunteer work can also be valuable experience that demonstrates your skills and commitment to the field. Additionally, many employers offer on-the-job training programs for entry-level employees.

In-Demand Skills

Some of the in-demand skills for $24 an hour target jobs include:

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Technical skills (e.g., software, data analysis)

Developing these skills can significantly increase your salary expectations.

Job Market Trends

The job market for $24 an hour target jobs is influenced by a range of factors, including industry growth, technological advancements, and economic conditions. The demand for these roles is expected to grow in the coming years, driven by the increasing need for skilled workers in various sectors.

Industry Growth

Industries such as healthcare, technology, and manufacturing are experiencing significant growth, creating a high demand for workers with the skills and qualifications necessary to fill these roles. The expansion of these industries is driven by factors such as population growth, technological advancements, and globalization.

Technological Advancements

Technological advancements are transforming the job market, creating new roles and eliminating others. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are having a significant impact on the workforce, leading to increased demand for workers with skills in these areas. The adoption of new technologies is also driving growth in industries such as healthcare, where electronic health records and telemedicine are becoming more prevalent.

Economic Conditions

Economic conditions play a crucial role in determining the demand for $24 an hour target jobs. During periods of economic growth, employers are more likely to hire and invest in their workforce, creating more opportunities for these roles. Conversely, during economic downturns, employers may reduce hiring and focus on retaining existing employees, leading to a decrease in job openings.

Projected Job Growth

The job market for $24 an hour target jobs is projected to grow in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in healthcare occupations is expected to grow by 15% from 2021 to 2031, while employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow by 13% during the same period.

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These projections indicate a strong demand for skilled workers in these fields.

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Future Employment Opportunities

The growth in $24 an hour target jobs is expected to create ample employment opportunities for qualified candidates. Individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications will be in high demand, providing them with a competitive advantage in the job market.

Pursuing education and training programs that align with the skills required for these roles can increase an individual’s chances of success in securing a well-paying job.

Salary Negotiations

Effective salary negotiation is crucial for securing a fair compensation for your skills and experience. By understanding the process and strategies involved, you can confidently negotiate a salary that meets your expectations and reflects your value to the organization.

Thorough preparation is essential. Research industry benchmarks, comparable salaries for similar roles, and the cost of living in the area where the job is located. This information will provide you with a strong foundation for your negotiations.

Present Your Value

When presenting your salary expectations, emphasize your skills, experience, and accomplishments that are relevant to the role. Quantify your achievements whenever possible, using specific metrics to demonstrate your impact on previous organizations. Clearly articulate how your contributions will benefit the company and align with their business goals.

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Negotiating Benefits and Perks

In addition to base salary, consider negotiating benefits and perks that are important to you. This could include flexible work arrangements, paid time off, health insurance, retirement plans, or professional development opportunities. Be prepared to discuss your priorities and be willing to compromise on certain aspects to reach an agreement that meets both your needs and the company’s budget.

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Job Search Strategies

Finding $24 an hour target jobs requires effective job search strategies. Leveraging job boards, networking, and social media can enhance your chances of success.

Job Boards

Utilize popular job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to discover relevant job openings. Set up job alerts to receive notifications for matching positions. Refine your searches using filters such as location, industry, and salary range.

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Attend industry events, conferences, and meetups to connect with professionals in your field. Engage with potential employers on LinkedIn and request informational interviews to gain insights into target roles and companies.

Social Media, an hour target jobs

Follow companies on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to stay informed about job openings. Participate in industry-related discussions and showcase your expertise to attract potential employers. Use social media to connect with recruiters and industry professionals.

Resume and Cover Letter Optimization

Craft a compelling resume that highlights your relevant skills, experience, and education. Quantify your accomplishments with specific metrics and use action verbs to demonstrate your impact. Tailor your cover letter to each job application, addressing the specific requirements and demonstrating how your qualifications align with the role.

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Career Advancement Opportunities

Individuals in $24 an hour target jobs have ample opportunities for career advancement. Continuous learning, skill development, and networking are crucial for professional growth. This section explores potential career paths and strategies to maximize growth prospects.

By pursuing additional education, certifications, and specialized training, individuals can enhance their knowledge and skills, making them more competitive in the job market and eligible for promotions or higher-level positions.


Networking plays a vital role in career advancement. Building relationships with colleagues, industry professionals, and potential mentors can provide access to valuable information, job opportunities, and support. Attending industry events, joining professional organizations, and engaging in online networking platforms can facilitate connections and open doors to new possibilities.

Career Paths

Career paths for individuals in $24 an hour target jobs can vary depending on the industry and specific job role. However, common advancement paths include:

  • Management and Supervision:With experience and proven leadership skills, individuals can progress into supervisory or management roles, overseeing teams and projects.
  • Specialized Roles:Developing specialized skills and expertise in a particular area can lead to opportunities in niche roles with higher earning potential and responsibilities.
  • Entrepreneurship:For those with a entrepreneurial spirit, starting their own business or venture can provide a path to financial independence and career fulfillment.

Cost of Living Considerations

The cost of living plays a significant role in determining the affordability of $24 an hour target jobs. Different locations have varying costs of living, which can impact salary expectations and overall financial well-being.Analyzing the cost of living in different regions is crucial for job seekers and employers alike.

Factors such as housing, transportation, healthcare, and groceries can significantly impact the affordability of a location. For example, cities with higher housing costs may require a higher salary to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Affordability of Different Locations

The affordability of a location depends on the cost of living relative to the income level. Some cities with a high cost of living, such as San Francisco or New York City, may offer higher salaries but also have higher expenses.

In contrast, cities with a lower cost of living, such as Indianapolis or Wichita, may have lower salaries but also lower living expenses.It is important to consider the cost of living when negotiating a salary. In areas with a higher cost of living, job seekers may need to negotiate for a higher salary to ensure they can afford their living expenses.

Conversely, in areas with a lower cost of living, job seekers may be able to accept a lower salary while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

Government and Industry Programs

 an hour target jobs

Government and industry programs provide support and resources to individuals seeking $24 an hour target jobs. These programs offer job training, apprenticeships, and financial assistance to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge necessary for these positions.

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Job training programs provide individuals with the technical skills and knowledge required for specific occupations. These programs can range from short-term courses to long-term programs that lead to industry-recognized certifications.


Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction. They provide individuals with the opportunity to learn a trade or craft under the supervision of experienced professionals. Apprenticeships typically last for several years and lead to journey-level status.

Financial Assistance Programs

Financial assistance programs provide financial support to individuals seeking $24 an hour target jobs. These programs can help cover the costs of training, tuition, and other expenses associated with career advancement.

Examples of Successful Programs

  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s ApprenticeshipUSA program has helped over 1 million individuals enter apprenticeships since its inception.
  • The American Council on Education’s College Credit for Work Experience program allows individuals to earn college credit for work experience and training.
  • The U.S. Department of Education’s Pell Grant program provides financial assistance to low-income students seeking higher education.

These programs have a significant impact on career outcomes. For example, a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that individuals who participated in apprenticeships earned 10% more than those who did not.

Job Market Outlook

The job market for $24 an hour target jobs is expected to remain strong in the coming years. These jobs are in high demand due to the increasing need for skilled workers in various industries. The growth of technology and the rise of the digital economy are also creating new opportunities for workers in these fields.

Some of the future trends that are expected to impact the job market for $24 an hour target jobs include the following:

  • The increasing demand for skilled workers in healthcare, technology, and other high-growth industries.
  • The rise of the gig economy and the increasing number of people working freelance or part-time.
  • The growing importance of lifelong learning and the need for workers to continuously update their skills.

Emerging Industries

Some of the emerging industries that are expected to create new opportunities for workers in $24 an hour target jobs include the following:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data science
  • Renewable energy

Impact of Technology

Technology is having a major impact on the job market for $24 an hour target jobs. Automation and other technological advancements are changing the way that work is done, and workers need to be prepared for these changes. Some of the ways that technology is impacting these jobs include the following:

  • Creating new jobs in areas such as artificial intelligence and data science.
  • Automating tasks that were previously done by humans, which can lead to job losses in some industries.
  • Changing the way that work is done, which can require workers to learn new skills.

Long-term Career Prospects

The long-term career prospects for workers in $24 an hour target jobs are good. These jobs are in high demand, and there is a growing need for skilled workers in these fields. Workers who are willing to learn new skills and adapt to the changing job market will be well-positioned for success in the future.

Earning Potential

The earning potential for workers in $24 an hour target jobs is good. These jobs typically pay above the median wage, and there is potential for advancement to higher-paying positions. Workers who have experience and skills in high-demand areas can earn even more.

Conclusive Thoughts

Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, $24 an hour target jobs can be a gateway to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. By leveraging the information provided in this guide, you can identify the right job, negotiate a competitive salary, and advance your career to new heights.

FAQ: An Hour Target Jobs

What are the most common industries that offer $24 an hour target jobs?

Healthcare, technology, finance, and manufacturing are among the industries with the highest concentration of $24 an hour target jobs.

What skills are typically required for $24 an hour target jobs?

Technical skills, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and teamwork are highly sought after for these roles.

How can I negotiate a salary of $24 per hour?

Research industry benchmarks, prepare your value proposition, and be confident in your negotiation skills.